Captain Ariq

Sails Caravans. Crashes Boats


Captain Ariq the Artificer. A man steeped in mystery and cheep whiskey. Ariq is knowledgeable in esoteric topics, and generally tries to avoid fights. When he is provoked (or dragged into a fight), he attacks from a far, for he strong of mind and not body, and avoids physical pain.

He’s also a captain.


Ariq was born Yancey Pullman, the son of a wealthy land-trader. All his young life, Yancey dreamed of swashbuckling adventures on the high seas, fighting sea monsters and wooing mermaids. His family path, however, was laid out before him. Upton had made it abundantly clear that unless Yancey took over the family business, he would never touch a dime of Upton’s fortune. Being the only son, he felt that it was his duty to comply with his father’s wishes, despite his resentment.

At age 18, Yancey was sent to the University of Eastport to study Economics, culture, and the history of the land, and become a successful trader like his father. This greatly excited Yancey, as his dorm was close to the sea, lulling him to sleep every night. Although he dutifully continued with his studies, he fell in with a less savory crowd of hobbyists who dabbled in the Arcana. This troupe of Artificiers enticed him with their whimsical devices and playful demeanor, drawing Yancey into their fold. They convinced him to channel his efforts away from his overbearing father’s wishes, and focus on what he wanted the most in his life.

When the Artificers announced a lucrative contract to set up the wards in the city of Westport, Yancey jumped at the chance to join them. He took a hand as an apprentice on their ship, and they set sail from Eastport to Westport.

The campaign opened with Yancey’s ship being attacked by a great blue dragon. During the attack, Yancey (who was never much of a fighter) poured all of his efforts into a powerful protective shield that protected him when the dragon destroyed the ship. Yancey was blasted far out to sea and blacked out. Sometime later, he was dragged into the hold of a whaling ship. Realizing that he was the only survivor, he took the opportunity to cast aside his old life.

Becoming the captain of an already sunken ship with no surviving crew was pretty easy. He rode with the whalers into port, and proceeded to have a nervous breakdown at the bar. Then he proceeded to lie to everyone about the events on the ship and how he was a great captain. Having fooled everyone, he now is unsure of what to do in life. Ariq is not enticed by material wealth, as he has already given this up. He is driven by a curiosity and the necessity to understand things in life, and has thus cast his lot in with a group of adventurers. There are many mysteries waiting to be solved, including the greatest mystery of all – the sea.

Captain Ariq

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