Dukas Nayte

The gnome who knows too much


Lawful Evil Gnome

Known items:
Cloak of Spider Crawl

Image from Neverwinter Nights


Initial Appearance:

Dukas Nayte is the proprietor of Westport’s local apothecary shop “Dark Chemist’s Cauldron.” As a gnome, Dukas possesses most of the stereotypical gnomish traits such as their cunnning, their wit, and their height.

He dresses entirely in dark clothing primarily in purples, blues, and blacks. Dukas’s left arm has been somehow injured and he never appears without his arm in a sling.

Upon further exposition:
Prior to the first encounter with the death cult, Dukas appeared to assist the party in tracing the cultist teleport trails back to the cultist’s sewer hideout. His assistance made clear that he was actually a skilled dark wizard.

Dukas Nayte

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