Tiefling Paladin of Sehanine


Kallista takes pride in being on the front lines of battle representing her god, Sehanine. Kallista would rather she get hit than a teammate. Most because she enjoys laughing in her enemies faces as they either miss or barely scratch her. While Kallista does moderate damage, she also buffs nearby allies with healing or other benefits. See character sheet for full details.


Kallista knows little of her past and is even more afraid of her future. Eleven years ago she woke up in a Temple of Sehanine with no memory of who she was or how she got there. The priests helped take care of her, despite her demonic form and as a sign of gratitude, Kallista dedicated herself to Sehanine as a Paladin.

We few weeks ago she felt a calling from her god to go west. On the journey she meet another holy person, Kylan, an Avenger, whose god also told him to travel west. They arrived together in the town of Westport, where they met a mysterous dragonborn and a crazy captain. Through a series of accidents, they turned out being a great team with one another. They have temporarily decided to work together and help Westport where they can. Most of them are in it for the money, but Kallista believes her god wants her to do this work. Recently, Klyan was summoned back by his god and left the group. This has left Kallista feeling more alone, as she is the only one devoted to a god.

Recently on her adventures, Kallista received either a warning or a vision of her future. She was both frightened and excited by it. Kallista constantly strives to do the right thing, but she also feels that her body is hard wired for evil. The most terrifying reminder of who she really is is her most trusted ally, her Kinslayer Sword, recently given to her to strike down enemies, but glows blue in the presence of demons. The sword has a constant dim glow near the handle whenever she is holding it.


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