Muradin and Moradin Hammerhilt


Moradin and Muradin Hammerhilt are a pair of Dwarven mercenaries currently escorting weapon caravans from Westport to the Dragonborne villages in the Verdant Fjord.

Moradin is a war cleric. Muradin is a dwarven barbarian.

Despite being virtually inseparable, the dwarven brothers worship different members of the Dwarven pantheon. Moradin (unsurprisingly) worships Moradin. Muradin worships Thor the Thunder god.

This conflict of interest seems to come to a head weekly and is resolved by drinking contests, and drunken brawling until submission.

To date, no one has been sober and/or unbattered enough to properly keep count of which god is ahead at current.

Last seen

After running a shipment of special cargo to the Blue Dragonborne Castellan in the Fjord, the brothers left the party on the outskirts of Westport. They departed only after gifting the party a whistle, a musical instrument, that could summon their dispatcher if the party ever needed their special brand of Dwarven assistance.

Muradin and Moradin Hammerhilt

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