Dukas Journal – Date – 08.19.2011

Luckily between Kallista‘s good diplomacy and the timely arrival of Vladimir’s holy warriors, the party was able to talk their way out of being summarily arrested. However, after being freed they sought me out to attempt to figure out why this merchant of dark-aligned weapons, armor, and accessories would be so quick to assist them in ousting what would appear to be my primary audience. I gave them a not-technically-untrue story about the death cultists being worshippers of Vecna and being a LITTLE TO LOUD for the god of secrets.

Seeing as they had irritated the local constabulary, I suggested they head to mine and (Captain Ariq’s congenial cocktailcrafting friend Samael the Bartender. He recommended some caravan work to the norther fjord. A local merchant had already contracted some mercenaries but more protection might be needed.

They headed north on the week long journey, and upon arriving at Dragonshire they met the dragonborne Castellan. The dragonborne of the various flights have all been chased out of the Dragonlands to the north. I, for one, don’t know why they care. The dragonland mountains have been split between the five flights for what appears to be quite some time now. Dragonborne can’t fly, so generally they’re treated not much more than slaves in their respective flight lands. It seems refugee-ism would suit them well. Though that doesn’t seem to stop them from whining and crying about missing home apparently. Heh.

REGARDLESS, it appears the merchant’s shipment was of arms and armor to the hopelessly outmanned dragonborne “army” should they need it against the “REAL” dragons. Pitiful.

The party was attacked on their weeklong journey back to Westport. I think it was kobolds… maybe bandits… I can’t be arsed to recall. What I do remember is that a female lycanthrope appeared and send dire wolves attacking all through the forest. They lupine element left after the kobold/bandit/goblins were dead though.

It’s likely lucky for the team. The dwarven brothers had mostly expended their use, and the sorceror and avenger had split the party pretty severely.

Though when it rains it pours, on the last day of escorting the return payment to the Westport Merchant (my scrying says it was likely draconic pornography) Captain Ariq noticed a ship flying the flag of the jolly roger approaching the port town.

Moving double time, the party may be able to make it before the pirate assault.

Controllers Alphabetically:
Dan, Dave, Jordan, Mike



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